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This app turns an iPhone into a Samsung mobile

Samsung has launched an official application for iPhone called iTest that emulates the operation of an Android mobile of the brand

If you have an iPhone and have ever wondered what it would be like to use an Android, Samsung has the app you need. The New Zealand division of the Korean company has launched iTest, an app that transforms the Apple phone into something similar to the latest Galaxy … with some limitations.

You will not find it in the AppStore, of course. It is a webapp that you must download on the iPhone home screen but once installed, when you press the icon, the iPhone screen becomes a demonstration of Samsung’s graphical interface for Android, OneUI.

The application simulates the reception of notifications and messages, the Samsung application store, Galaxy Store, allows you to change the desktop theme (something that is not possible on iOS).

There is a phone app, although these are simulated calls that are never completed because the recipient is out of range.

The simulated interface can even access the iPhone’s camera if given permission, and in it photographer Logan Dodds explains in video some of the camera features that Galaxy devices offer. “We cannot replicate all functions, but you will find that there is nothing to fear when moving to the other side,” explains the company during the installation.

In general, he tries to show that the main applications and games of the iPhone are also available on Android and that the switch between platforms is not as traumatic as one might suspect.

Although this is a marketing action carried out by the Samsung team in New Zealand, iTest is available to everyone. And for iPhone users who aren’t tempted, it’s just as easy to uninstall it as it is to install.


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