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This is the Roomba i3 + vacuum cleaner with self-emptying tank

iRobot has added to its range of robot vacuum cleaners the Roomba i3 + equipped with advanced features at a price of € 699. It offers smart navigation, auto-emptying capability in its Clean Base station, and a host of custom cleaning features thanks to iRobot Genius technology.

The values

Suitable for cleaning floors and carpets. It provides the same suction power and the same self-emptying system as its older brother, the Roomba i7 +. It catches all kinds of dirt, from dust to pet hair.

It has improvements in smart systems to make it easier, more intuitive and faster. It is designed for people who do not need to customize the cleaning areas and like to fix the whole house at once.

It integrates technologies such as the so-called Dirt Detect that, when there is more dirt, sensors are activated that urge the robot to review more thoroughly, until the entire area is cleaned.

It is prepared for cleaning all types of floors, because it has two multi-surface and anti-tangle rubber brushes that work together, instead of bristles that can bend and leave residue. Flexible rubber brushes stick to the floor to catch small particles, dust, hair, or larger debris.

It provides a stylish design with a woven texture that minimizes fingerprints and collects less dust.

It works through voice commands from the app, Google Home or Alexa, which allows it to be started, stopped or sent to its charging base, remotely.

Main features

The latest robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot, the Roomba i3 + integrates all the brand’s technological innovations. It offers smart navigation, custom cleaning capabilities, and automatic emptying capability when connected to the Clean Base Station, allowing the user to forget about emptying the bin for about 60 days. A notable advantage is that dirt is stored in a sealed bag designed with four layers of material to trap up to 99% of allergens, which is very favorable for allergy sufferers.

The equipment cleans automatically following straight lines, navigating through different rooms of the house. Due to its power and, as demonstrated in the tests carried out on the product, it develops its activity both on floors and carpets. If the robot’s battery dies, it will return to the station to charge and resume cleaning where it left off.

The device uses a high-efficiency filter and its 3-stage cleaning system uses two rubber brushes, one of which is specially designed for corners and edges. In terms of suction power, the Roomba i3 + offers 10 times the performance of the iRobot 600 series. It integrates Dirt Detect technology, which allows you to accurately detect where dirt accumulates and performs a thorough cleaning.

Simple application for equipment control

The iRobot Genius technology makes the Roomba i3 + compatible with the iRobot Home application, very useful to control how you want the cleaning process to be, and with the convenience of doing it from a mobile device, either iOS or Android. With the use of the app, personalized suggestions are obtained, such as recommended cleaning times or special programs during allergy seasons or pet shedding. It is also very simple from the application, as shown in the tests carried out on the device, to configure the cleaning or to link it with other brand devices.

One-time event-based automations can be configured directly within the app, a unique capability for iRobot customers on the iRobot Genius platform, and IFTTT Connect functionality. Whether the user is going to work or going on a field trip, the Roomba i3 + can start cleaning on demand from smart home devices. When paired with Alexa or Google-enabled devices, users can control Roomba i3 + with the sound of their voice. Roomba i3 + also supports Imprint Coordination technology, so it can be paired with iRobot’s Braava jet m6 robot mop for an additional level of cleanliness.

The perspective of Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot

Colin Angle explains that: “iRobot was founded in 1990 by robotics experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a vision to make practical robots a reality. Today, it has sold more than 30 million robots worldwide. To be more Specifically, Spain was the first country to sell 1 million computers.The company has been a pioneer in the development of some of the most important systems in the world and has a history full of innovation that is not only focused on robots for the home. Their devices have revealed the mysteries of the Great Pyramid of Giza, found harmful underwater oil in the Gulf of Mexico and saved thousands of lives in conflict and crisis zones around the world. “

Among its achievements, the following stand out: “More than 30 years of leadership in the robot industry and more than 1200 workers, iRobot is present all over the world with several offices spread over all continents and maintains its commitment to offer technological solutions that provide users smarter, personalized and, above all, more up-to-date ways of cleaning. “

Regarding the market, he points out that: “The iRobot product range tries to adapt to the needs of each user. Our flagship product is the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, available in several series with different technologies and functionalities. The Braava family of floor scrubbing robots expands our capabilities Robotics at Home With the launch of the new iRobot Genius Home Intelligence platform, our computers are getting smarter over time, just like the launch of the i3 +.

The latest iRobot robots to hit the market also incorporate all the benefits of the iRobot Genius such as recommendations based on lifestyle or environmental conditions, detailed zone cleaning, even through object recognition or integration with other connected devices. “


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