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Logitech includes in its product offering the Ergo K860 keyboard, to work with more ergonomics

The specialist Logitech has recently presented the keyboard model Ergo K860, an ergonomic peripheral that favors a more natural and efficient use. With a wrist support that reduces muscle activity, it allows you to work with a more relaxed posture when writing and, consequently, more comfortable and safe.

‘We know that most people spend a quarter or even a third of their lives working, so it is important to be comfortable when we are developing any task. We’ve created a state-of-the-art ergonomic keyboard that helps workers improve posture, increase well-being and reduce muscle tension, ”said Lars Holm Lauridsen, Logitech’s senior global product manager. ‘This device is designed, developed and tested following the criteria of renowned ergonomists, resulting in a user experience that does not compromise productivity.’

Natural position

The padded wrist rest allows the forearms to be positioned just above the keyboard, for 54% more footprint and 25% less flex at the wrist. Its adjustable palm height function maintains the natural posture of the wrists, whether sitting or standing. Ergo K860 is certified by the United States Organization of Ergonomists and has been tested to guarantee a lifespan of up to 10 million keystrokes.


The team makes it possible to type confidently in a curvilinear form factor using Logitech’s Perfect Stroke key system, designed for comfort. Thanks to its integration system, with tips for ergonomic workstations, it allows you to easily configure it for both Mac or PC. You can choose between Bluetooth low consumption or USB connection.

Added values

Enables natural writing thanks to an ergonomic key structure that improves typing posture. Slanted keyboard reduces muscle strain on wrists and forearms

The curved wrist rest offers 54% more wrist support and reduces wrist flexion by 25% compared to a standard keyboard without a palm rest.

The concave keys fit your fingertips and are quiet and comfortable to touch.

Working sitting or standing, the wrists are kept in a natural posture. Includes legs adjustable to 0 degrees, -4 degrees and -7 degrees

It integrates a numeric keypad and the possibility of connecting up to three devices with an approximate battery life of two years.

Ergo K860 has been designed and tested using criteria established by expert ergonomists to improve posture and reduce muscle tension.

It’s made of durable materials, a rugged design, and remarkable stability.


The new keyboard is compatible with Logitech Flow-enabled mice, such as the MX Vertical, for typing on various devices with the Logitech Options program. Controlling multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse can improve the ergonomics of the work environment by preventing injuries from certain unnecessary gestures.


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