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This is the Roborock S7 with sonic scrubbing system and self-lifting mop

The equipment, developed by the firm specialized in domestic robotics with an emphasis on precision navigation, is now available in our market at a price of 549 euros

Roborock presented its S7 model to the public at one of the most important technology fairs in the market, the CES in Las Vegas, an event that has already received the good acceptance of the product, thanks to significant innovations such as a sonic scrubbing system and self-lifting mop . The S7 is already on sale in our at a price of 549 euros.

Presentation letter

Roborock S7 features a sonic scrubbing system that scrubs the floor up to 3,000 times per minute, which removes dry juice or coffee stains. The user can adjust the intensity of vacuuming and scrubbing from the application. The S7 detects and dodges carpets automatically when in scrubbing mode. After the hard floor cleaning is complete, you can raise the mop automatically to continue vacuuming the carpets. According to the manufacturer, “comfort and depth of cleaning have been the key elements in creating this product.”

The producing company
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Roborock is a specialized robotics company focused on precision navigation. It develops and produces robotic vacuum cleaners under its own brand, as well as creating them for one of the most prominent oriental technology companies: Xiaomi. Roborock is currently available in 40 countries, 28 of which are in Europe, including Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The company operates out of four locations, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

Features in detail

The S7 can boast of being the first product with sonic scrubbing system and with the fastest intelligent lift technology of the moment, with the aim of improving the results of cleaning at home. With a mop that automatically rises in the presence of rugs and other obstacles, the kit simplifies the robotic vacuuming and scrubbing experience to provide an effective cleaning session without interruptions.

“Our goal with every Roborock product is convenience,” says Richard Chang, Roborock CEO. ‘In the past, the robot scrubbing process has been arduous, requiring time and user input to establish barriers or restricted areas. The S7 transforms this experience through surface recognition technology, designed to automatically lift the mop and avoid rugs. With this new model, scrubbing becomes simpler, and cleaning more thorough. ‘

Significant progress

In the tests carried out on the product, it is clear that we are facing one of the fastest sonic robots on the market. The system developed by the brand is based on high-speed vibrations that can reach up to 3000 times / min, which strengthens the cleaning capacity by disintegrating dry and difficult stains. It should be noted that to achieve optimal cleaning, the pressure exerted by the mop on the floor has also been increased.

With these values ​​the result is adequate for current standards, achieving a quick cleaning of floors and carpets in one pass. It works with the technology called VibraRise, which automatically raises the mop when it detects carpets. This feature, made possible by Roborock’s ultrasonic recognition system, allows you to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in a single cleaning session. The mop is also raised when the robot is loading, so no plastic mat is needed.

Control and performance format

Through the dedicated App, the user can decide different scrubbing intensities, from 1650 times / min, 2300 times / min, and 3000 times / min. Deep Scrub mode has been added, where the robot scrubs the same area twice to provide improved results. Smart mapping gives real-time reports on the exact path of the equipment during each cleaning, providing information on the areas being cleaned and vacuumed.

The S7 is compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts, responding to voice commands to increase the comfort of its use.

Another innovation is the main rubber brush that sticks to the floor to stir up dirt. Combined with 2500Pa suction, it also offers deep carpet cleaning.

The S7 is available in Europe with a RRP of € 549.

Outstanding advantages
Sonic Vibration Technology – cleans up to 3,000 cycles per minute for more effective removal of dry stains.

Smart mop lift: capable of lifting low-pile carpets to vacuum and prevent cross-dirt.

Multi-Directional Floating Brush – Multiple planes of motion keep the brush closer to the ground for deep cleaning.

Strong suction – lifts dust and hair from floors and pulls it from inside rugs.

Navigation with adaptive route algorithms: Advanced navigation creates accurate maps, and the algorithms work to find the fastest route.

Multi-level mapping and automatic room recognition – Maps up to four homes, with each room automatically recognized.

Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition – Identifies where they are, tells the mop to get up, and shows its location in the app.


The outstanding novelty of the product is the improvement of the scrubbing system thanks to a mobile mop and new sensors capable of detecting whether it is being cleaned on a carpet or a carpet by means of an ultrasonic sensor. The dirt drag brush has also been redesigned, replacing the fiber brush with a plastic one.

As the mop is now raised when the robot is at rest, it is no longer necessary to place a plastic base as the floor will not get wet.

The application and connection of the device to the network and to the mobile phone are simple and in it you can see the state of charge of the robot, the area covered by the cleaning process and the time it has spent in it.

It is quieter than the previous models of the brand and the new brush with flexible plastic material collects more waste and has less difficulties since it becomes entangled less easily with objects such as threads or hair. It also better avoids areas with cables and similar obstacles.

You can choose between different scrub intensities (light, moderate or heavy) and two types of path, the standard path or the deep path.

The user can establish in the application what behavior the robot will have when passing on carpets: raise, avoid or simply ignore.

Other useful functions: identify areas of the house or rooms; define a type of cleaning for each part of the house; mark cleaning routes; cleaning by zones among others.

The result of the tests carried out on the product shows that it complies with what it promises in its specifications.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions: 35.3 x 35 x 9.65 cm. Weight 4.7 Kilos

Navigation, dual camera

Suction power, 2,500 pascals

Solid tank capacity, 470 ml

Water tank capacity, 300 ml

Connectivity: WiFi

App, yes

Programmable, yes

5,200 mAh battery; 66W


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