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How to buy more storage space for Google Drive

The overloaded space on our mobile devices requires us to get cloud services.

We are living in the midst of a pandemic, a state that has forced us to stay home, create social distancing, and become even more dependent on technology.

The multimedia content that we store and consume on our smartphone is being minimized more and more, due to the amount of files that we must have on hand, whether for work, study or personal matters.

All this consumes internal memory of our device, so unless we have a high-end smartphone with hundreds of gigabytes (GB), we will surely need an alternative plan, that is, hire a cloud service.

There are many warehousing services to choose from. However, if you are an Android user, the safest thing to do is to use Google Drive, not only because it comes pre-installed on Android phones but also because of its great integration with the rest of Google services.

Google initially offers 15 GB of storage space that is shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. While for many this amount may be more than enough, you may need more space at some point.

However, you cannot buy more storage space solely for Google Drive, as it has not been possible for a while. In other words, the space you buy would be shared between Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, or what derives from the Mountain View company called Google One.

Necessary and possible space in the cloud

Google One was created to unify all cloud services in one place. The best of all is that if we were already subscribed to the Google Drive payment service, we will have become part of One with all the advantages that this entails, according to the Andro4All expert portal.

Once the previous point is finalized, let’s see how to buy space on Google One since it can be done in different ways.

First, let’s see how to do it through the Google One application itself:

We log into our Google account.
We open the Google One application.
Click on Storage.
More plans.
Select the plan we want
We can also from the Google One website:

We log into our Google account.
We access the Google One website.
We choose the plan we want

Finally, we can also purchase another storage plan from the Google Drive app itself, although as we have said before, this change will be applicable to all Google One services:

We start the Google Drive application.
Click on Menu and then Settings.
Acquire more storage.
Now, when purchasing a storage plan you must have several things:

We can change the storage plan whenever we want and pay monthly or annually, with your credit card.
Subscriptions to Google One do not expire, they renew automatically, unless we change the settings.
Changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.
Google One is one of the best cloud services today. Not only does it allow us to have all our documents, files and videos in a safe place, but also all our photos thanks to the great application of Google Photos, experts say.

Finally, you have to know that each and every one of the payment methods includes the same advantages, and the only difference lies in the price and the amount of storage available.


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