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Star Wars: Disney invents a ‘real’ lightsaber like the ones in the saga movies

At the moment the sale price is unknown but it is known that the blade will be more than 60 centimeters long and that it will unfold in less than a second.

It is one of the most iconic objects in cinema and, to date, one of the most difficult to reproduce reliably. However, Disney seems to have found the solution to the problem with its new patent for a ‘real’ lightsaber like the ones featured in the Star Wars movies.

The patent shows an ingenious system made up of three reels similar to a tape measure (two of them for the shape of the leaf and one to give light), a motor that allows to operate the mechanism, a battery and a series of electronic components that connect all components of the mechanism.

The end result will be that the new Disney-designed lightsaber will be able to extend and retract a blade of more than 60 centimeters in less than a second from the extension and retraction mechanism that is hidden in the handle, according to the specifications that are detailed in the patent, which was filed during a Disney press conference.

A design that has become popular thanks to the work of the virtual reality specialist, Ben Ridout, who after analyzing the patent has shared some animated sketches on Twitter.

In this way, the new Star Wars lightsaber uses a mechanism similar to that used by steel tape measures.

The animated designs show that the hilt of the lightsaber contains two mechanisms similar to the tape measures that project forward facing each other to finally make a cylinder and finish ‘mounting’ the blade of the sword.

“The two blades [the two halves of the lightsaber blade] are rolled over one another, each shaped somewhat larger than a semicircle to form a single cylindrical blade. In Disney’s design, the material of the sheet / tape measure is flexible, semi-transparent plastic, “says Ridout.

The material from which the sheets are made would also serve as a light diffuser. A led light that would be in the form of a thread on a third reel hidden in the flexible led tape grip that would extend in parallel inside the two halves that make up the blade, thus illuminating its interior to achieve the effect of the films.

It is a system that, as can be seen in the films of the iconic saga, would be operated by pressing a button on the grip of the weapon.

“It will not go through metal doors or cut your hand but it will have an illuminated blade that will extend and retract at the push of a button,” Ridout explained on his Twitter account.

On the plane, the lightsaber has aroused great anticipation among fans of science fiction movies who, until now, have had to settle for different plastic designs or have ended up resorting to artisans who are responsible for making lightsabers in response on demand from Star Wars fans ..


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