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Brazilian indigenous languages can be used on Motorola smartphones

Devices need to be updated with Android 11 to have access to the native languages Kaingang and Nheengatu do Brasil.

Motorola announced on Thursday (25) the inclusion of two indigenous languages of Brazil in their smartphones. Company devices updated with Android 11 can access the Kaingang and Nheengatu languages.

The work was carried out in partnership with Professor Wilmar D’Angelis, from Unicamp, and representatives of indigenous communities.

The company says the expectation is to share languages in open source programs, such as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and the Google GBoard keyboard.

“By sharing our innovation with other manufacturers and globalization professionals, we are expanding the impact of this project, paving the way for more indigenous languages to be available on Android in the future,” said Janine Oliveira, executive director of Globalization Software at Motorola Mobility.


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