best first person shooter games
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best first person shooter games

Among the most popular genres of modern video games is First-person shooter (FPS), and there is a massive list of titles that can hook you for months or years on various platforms, including the PlayStation 4. Now, the most challenging thing is deciding what to play first. To guide you, we have generated a list of the best first-person shooter games for PS4. We include 12 titles going through various play styles, from classic FPS to others with a mixture of puzzle and survival.

Titanfall 2
Best overall FPS
best first-person shooter games

Respawn Entertainment’s original Titanfall was an excellent multiplayer title, with an exciting combination of first-person shooter and mech-based combat. However, the game had little content and did not offer a campaign mode. The studio subsequently addressed that in total in Titanfall 2, which delivered an action-packed time travel story related to destroying robots.

His competitive mode didn’t disappoint either; Titanfall 2 had many modes and a progression system that made your character feel important in each game. Sadly, its disappointing sales may mean we’ll never see a full sequel, but the Titanfall brand lives on.

Battlefield 1
Best FPS of World War I
best first-person shooter games

Maybe Battlefield V didn’t turn out the way gamers expected, but Battlefield 1 is a fantastic large-scale multiplayer shooter. With classic Battlefield destruction on huge maps and multi-stage events putting a new twist on the series formula, Battlefield 1 feels like the next evolution of online multiplayer titles. Furthermore, it offered a more substantial campaign than its predecessors, telling lesser-known stories of World War I by approaching them from the perspectives of several different nations.

Best Classic FPS
best first-person shooter games

Wolfenstein returned to the PlayStation 4 as a story and character-centric FPS. But with Doom, it was not like that. For the reboot of its classic FPS series, Id Software focused on what matters in a Doom game: just killing demons, and it paid off. To slaughter the spawn of hell, you have shotguns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, a chainsaw, and the classic “BFG.” With gorgeous world design and grotesque monsters, Doom is Id Software at its finest. In addition, it has a spectacular sequel that premiered in 2020: Doom Eternal.

Half-Life 2 PC

This PC title is the sequel to the first installment of the Half-Life saga. This second game stands out for its design and the challenge that each problem in the story represents. A first-person shooter that takes place two decades after the story of the first Half-Life. Gordon Freeman awakes from his hibernation and becomes the symbol of the human resistance against the Alliance. Action in an adventure whose story goes far beyond the conflict.

BioShock PC

The underwater city of Rapture was built in the 1940s as a visionary’s dream. A city where a man would be free, and where there would be neither gods nor kings: only science and freedom. Years later, an American soldier comes to town to verify that something has gone wrong. Mutants are rampant, once glorious Art Deco buildings are in ruins, and the only authority appears to be gigantic mechanical men armed with drills that go by the name of Big Daddy. PC version.

BioShock Infinite PC

The Bioshock saga continues to change time and place. The submerged city of Rapture is replaced by a floating city called Columbia in PC, built by the United States in the late 19th century to demonstrate the superiority of its civilization. Years later, control of the city has been lost, and we will have to infiltrate it to find out what happened. A tribute to the science fiction classics of the early twentieth century in a society out of control that hides many secrets.

Metro Exodus
Best Survival FPS
Metro Exodus videogame / best first-person shooter games

After placing Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro: Last Light primarily on the metro system, 4A Games considerably changed the scenery for the next game. Metro Exodus occurs primarily outdoors, with the protagonist Artyom and his companions seeking a haven after a nuclear apocalypse destroyed much of civilization.

Exodus does not abandon the claustrophobic or terrifying elements of the series, but the varied environments, expanded customization and crafting systems, and its brilliant climax help makes it the best game in the series by a considerable margin.


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