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Kboing: how to listen to music on the platform and follow the lyrics?

Do you already know Kboing? This music site allows you to listen to your favorite tracks, follow the lyrics of the songs and create your own playlists. The page also has podcasts and news in real time from the world of music.

Today, we will teach you how to listen to the songs you love the most and follow the lyrics at the same time on this platform.

  1. Choosing music

Access the address www.kboing.com.br in your browser. In the top menu, there are some options to choose which song to listen to. In “Songs” are the latest works added; in “Top artists”, the most listened to artists; in “Top musics”, users’ favorite songs; and in “Top news”, the recent songs that are becoming more successful.

You can also search for your favorite song or artist in the “Search” tab.

  1. Listening to the chosen song

To listen to any of the songs, just click on its name. The platform will automatically launch the YouTube player with the letter next to it. You can also share the music you are listening to on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Translating the lyrics

When listening to the music through Kboing, you can also access its translation. Just click on the Brazilian flag icon just above the letter in the original language.

  1. Printing the letter

If you do not want to follow the letter on the computer screen, there is the option to print it; to do this, click on the printer icon. The platform also offers the option to increase or decrease the font at the time of printing, for easy reading.

  1. Changing the letter

If you find any errors in the song, either in the translation or in the lyrics, you can request corrections by clicking on the pen with paper icon. When accessing the menu, some options are displayed to notify the error, such as inappropriate content, wrong audio, song name, artist or incorrect lyrics.

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