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Instagram launches Remix function, which allows you to record on top of other Reels

Feature is similar to the duet tool seen in TikTok. Learn how to use Remix on Instagram.

Instagram launched on Wednesday (31) the Remix function, which allows you to make a new recording on top of existing Reels on the platform.

The tool is already starting to arrive in the app and should gradually be available to all users in the coming days.

On social media, users compared the new function of Instagram with the duets made on TikTok.

See step by step how to use Remix:

Find the desired Reels.

Tap the three-dot menu on a Reels and select “Remix this Reels”
The screen will be divided into an original Reels and a new Reels, and just start recording on top.
The recording will be side by side with the original Reels.
Once recorded, you can edit and publish the remix.
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