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Learn how to log into Facebook without entering a password

Saving the password in the browser is a very practical method for those who access Facebook every day and have difficulty remembering the code created during registration, making it possible to gain a few important seconds in the midst of the daily rush.

Available in the main browsers on the market, the option to save login data allows the user to enter Facebook without entering the password and email, offering quick access to the social network, without wasting time trying to remember the combination of characters and numbers.

The feature, which also works for any other social network, email accounts, websites or online services with a password requirement, stores the user’s access credentials in the browser, automatically filling in the login fields when the user returns to that page , even if you turned off the device.

This function also serves for the automatic filling of forms on the pages and can be activated both on computers and on cell phones and tablets, just configure it correctly in your favorite browser. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Do not store passwords on public computers

Before teaching how to access Facebook without using a password, we need to make an alert: it is not recommended to activate the automatic filling of passwords on public computers (such as the machines used by coworkers, those available in college and in lan houses, for example) .

If the function is activated on computers used by several people, anyone who uses them will have access to the data without your permission, that is, it will be possible to spy on your profile on social platforms or enter your email without your authorization .

Knowing this, let’s go to the tips.

Save password in Chrome

To record your Facebook password in Google Chrome, you need to go to the browser menu. Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, choose “Settings” and then press “Autofill” on the new page that opens.

Now, click on “Passwords” and change the key to activate it, doing the same in the “Login” alternative, located below. Note that in the same window it is possible to activate the automatic filling of payment methods for online purchases, address, telephone and other data – these options can be activated following the same path.

To finish, close the browser and restart it. Then, go to the Facebook website, enter your login details (email and password) and give your browser permission to save the information. The next time you return to the social network, you will no longer need to enter your password.

Save password in Firefox

In that case, open the Mozilla browser, go to the settings menu, in the upper right corner (icon of the three lines), and click on “Options”. Then choose “Privacy and Security”, scroll down and check the option “Ask if you should save accounts and website passwords”.

The next step is to restart Firefox and access Facebook, allowing the browser to store the data. Remember that the browser will offer the option on other pages as well, but you only accept it if you want.

Save password in Microsoft Edge

If you have the habit of accessing Facebook through Edge, saving the password to enter your profile without having to enter the code is also very easy. In the Microsoft browser settings, click on “Profiles” and then on “Passwords”.

Then, change the key to the position activated in the options “Offer to save passwords” and “Log in automatically”, being sure to close the browser after completing the change. Then, restart the program, access Facebook and register your data.

Save password in Safari

In the Apple browser, the settings for saving the Facebook password are not much different. With Safari open on macOS, go to the “Preferences” option in the browser menu, click on “Fill in” and then check “Usernames and passwords”.

By doing this, you will be able to save the passwords entered on any website and have them filled in automatically when you return to those pages. However, only after finishing the configuration restart Safari for the changes to take effect.

I changed my mind. How to clear stored passwords?

No longer want to store your Facebook password in your browser? If for some reason you give up saving the access credentials of the social network or any other website, just redo the steps above, depending on the browser used, and disable the autofill options defined.

And, for the changes to take effect, you will also need to restart your browser after disabling the feature.


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