smart sensors from Netatmo

Safe ome with smart sensors from Netatmo

Comfort with the mind. We create a safe home with intelligent sensors from Microclimate in the apartment.

Proper humidity and air quality affect a person’s well-being. In dry air, skin flakes and acne appear due to dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. Those who suffer from allergies and asthma have more difficulty breathing because insufficient humidity increases a person’s susceptibility to allergens. Poor ventilation in the room also causes many negative consequences for the occupant: from decreased concentration to headaches and fatigue.

At the same time, people don’t even realize that something is wrong with their homes. They have been used to living with bad air for years, so they look for the problem of feeling wrong about something else. But checking the air quality in the room is quite simple: just put an intelligent station. The Netatmo device can measure all vital indicators: humidity, air pollution, CO2 levels, ambient temperature, and even noise levels (it can be helpful to combat insomnia).

Information on all changes is available on a PC, tablet, or smartphone (Android and iOS are supported). The program not only displays essential information but also provides an assessment of indoor air quality. If something goes wrong, the service will notify the user and recommend improving the microclimate.

A more advanced option is a smart weather station with an anemometer and a precipitation measurement module. This device has all the station’s features described above, but there are additional sensors that are installed on the street. They can record the temperature outside the window, humidity and air pollution, as well as barometric pressure. As the name implies, the device can measure the speed and direction of the wind and precipitation, and with it, you can even find out the weather forecast.

Both stations are great friends with Apple’s smart speaker and Google Assistant voice assistant. Therefore, the owner of the Netatmo device will be able to ask Siri and “Google” by voice about the noise level in the room and the gusts of wind outside the window.

Neither cold nor hot

It is equally important to control the air temperature, especially when there are babies in the house. For adults, this parameter is not very critical, but in the case of children, a nasty joke can be made: “warm” air comfortable for parents may be too hot for the child.

To control the temperature in a private house, a smart thermostat for the boiler is suitable, which can be used in conjunction with an intelligent thermal head for heating radiators. Its advantage is that the user can adjust the house’s temperature remotely: for example, on the way home from work. Just go to the branding app and tweak the settings if one of the rooms is too hot or cold.

If you do not want to control the heating yourself, you can assign this task to the device: it will adjust the air temperature based on the ambient temperature and the thermal insulation properties of the house. The machine pays attention to everything:

  • The level of natural light.
  • The presence of drafts.
  • The room’s purpose (for the bedroom and the hallway, there are entirely different scenarios).

In addition, intelligent sensors can analyze energy consumption and create a detailed report to optimize the owner’s cost.

If a person lives in an average apartment, Netatmo provides an essential heating head for these cases. They are compatible with most radiators, and even the humanities can take care of the installation. A video showing how easily a standard battery turns into a smart one as proof of our words. Just follow the simple instructions.

Everything is protected

Netatmo has a full suite of devices and sensors designed to protect the home (and the owner’s nerves). If you use all the devices together, the security level of the apartment can be compared to the presidential residence.

There is a car smart street lamp with a reflector for those who do not want to leave strangers even in the shooting distance. The latter is necessary to scare away unwanted guests, including wild animals. When approaching an object (human, animal, or car), the reflector begins to shine in a preselected area, so the owner clarifies that it is better not to go beyond a particular area. At this point, he receives a message on his smartphone that something suspicious is happening on his site. For those who wait in the house, the spotlight, on the contrary, will be a kind of guide: it will illuminate the way to the door in the dark. It is essential that the camera is not afraid of snow and rain and is not more challenging to install than a streetlight.

At the apartment entrance, you can make an intelligent call to identify a person who immediately sends the owner of the house a message about the guest. In addition, the owner of the call will be able to communicate with the visitor through video, even if the user is in another country. The ring has a built-in speaker, a clear camera with separate FHD capability, a high dynamic range, and a wide 160-degree viewing angle. Device installation is simple: it is easily activated instead of a standard wired call.

It looks like we’ve discovered external security, so let’s move on to internal security. To do this, Netatmo’s arsenal includes intelligent cameras with facial recognition and night vision. They record high-quality FHD videos both during the day and in the dark. If a person whose identity is not in the database appears in the house, the camera will immediately notify the owner. The same will happen if unusual sounds are recorded in the room; for example, a fire or burglary alarm will work.

Reliable and safe

A smart home has long ceased to be a joke to the rich. Today, intelligent sensors are inexpensive, but at the same time, they allow you to protect your home as much as possible. With its help, the user can adjust the comfortable temperature in the house and freshen the air, watch the house from uninvited guests and prevent fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s nice when the things you need in everyday life look great too. In the case of Netatmo devices, this is true because they are made in the style of Apple, one of the leading trendsetters today. Famous people designed some sensors: an intelligent thermostat and thermal heads owe their appearance to Philip Stark’s design laboratory.


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