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Artist creates stunning ultrarealistic render of teenager

Blitter makes ultra-realistic renderings and uses software such as BlenderKit and Cycles. He has been doing his arts using home settings such as rooms with computers, clothes, chairs, guitars, glasses and teen decorations.

A 3D rendering job went viral on Twitter this Tuesday (16th). The artist called “Blitter” published his works on the social network Blender Artists and the result is impressive due to the similarity with photographs.

What draws the most attention, however, is the teenage girl created by him digitally. The texture of the skin, eyes and hair are admirable. In addition, lighting, which simulates older cameras, was another item praised by users of Twitter and Blender Artists. See, below, a gallery with the artist’s production.

Explaining about the result, Blitter said that he tries to stage less in the poses of the digital protagonist so that everything looks more casual. “Many of the props in the image were imported from BlenderKit. I want to try to play a male character next time … but it has always been more difficult for some reason, ”he explained.

Some people did not believe that the work, dubbed “Render Mundano”, was done digitally and accused the artist of using a model and rendering only the background. To prove that everything was done on a computer, he shared images and videos of the making of and explained the techniques used.


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