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How to choose headphones in times of home office

Understand the differences between in-ear and in-ear models and see what to know when buying a new model.

Working and studying from home has its challenges: ergonomics, improvised environment and noise. The sounds of the egg cart, the bus or the neighbor’s work can make it difficult to concentrate.

An alternative is to use headphones and put on some relaxing or instrumental music.

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The accessory is also important during video or telephone meetings, to have more clarity in the audio and prevent colleagues from hearing the return of the computer’s speakers.

Here are some tips for choosing a headset:

Headphone types
The headphones are divided into two categories: in-ear (in-ear), which fit inside the ear and the in-ear headphones, also known as cup headphones (headphones), which are above the ear.
Pros and cons of in-ear headphones:

?- they are light and portable;
?- can be used in physical exercises;
?- not all models isolate noise from the environment (learn more below);
?- are very close to the ear.
Pros and cons of the supra-earphones (shell):

?- better isolate the external sound, even if there is no active noise cancellation (learn more below);
?- they can be heavy and cause discomfort with continuous use, especially on hot days and those who wear glasses.
Wired or wireless?
Both in-ear and in-ear models have Bluetooth options, which allow wireless connection – however, they tend to be more expensive.

If you choose a wireless headset:

check if your computer (desktop or laptop) has Bluetooth to ensure compatibility;
on some models, the microphone quality is lower for calls;
research the battery life and see if the autonomy is enough for everyday use.
If you choose a wired headset:

attention to input – most cell phones and notebooks have P2 input, but some more modern smartphones only accept USB-C or Lightning (from Apple).
For those who have many meetings over the phone or video calls, it is interesting to look for an option with a microphone.

Although it is rare, some headphones do not have a microphone – and wireless options do not always guarantee great quality in this respect.

Therefore, it is interesting to look for reviews and opinions of other people who have purchased a particular model.

External sound insulation
The headphones guarantee greater isolation from the external sound because their shells work as a barrier.

There are also options with active noise cancellation technology that amplify this ability to block out sounds.

Both in-ear headphones and headphones can have this feature, but it is more common in shell-type headphones. With technology, the price goes up considerably.


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