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Using digital public service was difficult for 45% of Brazilians

A survey published on Thursday (18) by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) shows that 45% of Brazilians found it difficult to access and correctly use any digital service provided by the government in the last year.

The report measured the level of satisfaction and the ability to use various tools, including topics such as company registration, BO records (police reports), registration changes in public agencies and consultations in open databases.

The digital handling of emergency aid paid by the Federal Government during some months of 2020 was also included in the assessment. One of the objectives of the research was to understand whether public services successfully migrated to digital during the covid-19 pandemic, the period when institutions were closed and services were migrated to the internet.

Satisfied or not?

According to the survey, reported by Folha de São Paulo, 85.5% of people had “little difficulty” in adapting to digital and 53% of respondents showed satisfaction with the services offered at the state level.

The North region recorded the highest degree of positive evaluation (62%), while the Southeast was last (50%). In Minas Gerais, 60% of the interviewees said that they had access difficulties, in issues that ranged from stable connection to difficulty in using the platforms.

In addition, only 40% of respondents felt secure in state government data protection. In all, 13,250 people were interviewed between October and December 2020.


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