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What OnlyFans is and how the app works

The OnlyFans platform emerged in 2011 for artists and digital influencers to market exclusive content, such as photos, videos, texts and other creations. However, as it has no restrictions on content, for many years the flagship of the site was adult entertainment.

Currently, there is a greater diversity of themes, although this name is still closely associated with the sale of pornographic content – which is reinforced when artists, such as Anitta, announce the disclosure of intimate images on the website.

During the pandemic, the platform has been widely used by artists, mostly independent, for the monetization of creations, which can be easily acquired by fans. At the moment, the site already has more than 85 million users and 1 million registered content creators. In addition to the web version, the platform has an application – which, unfortunately, has not yet arrived in Brazil.

OnlyFans has a monthly subscription system, in which the fan pays an amount per month to have access to exclusive materials. There is also a separate format (called pay-per-view), through which the user pays in advance for specific content. In addition, users can give extra values ​​if they really like the material made available.

Two types of accounts are possible: free and paid. In the first option, there is no payment requirement, however only the content available free of charge by the creators will be accessible.

The paid account, in turn, requires a subscription by the fan, who will only be able to view the posts or interact with the profile by paying amounts ranging between US $ 4.99 (R $ 27.51 in the day’s conversion) ) and $ 49.99 (R $ 275.57), depending on the creator. The user can choose the mode of his account in the “Settings” tab, which is on the content page that follows / subscribes.

OnlyFans accepts different forms of payment, with international credit and debit cards being the most chosen. There is also the possibility to use Wallet Credits, a service that allows you to add funds to a virtual wallet.

The first step in producing content is to create an account and confirm your identity, which can be done by sending a selfie holding an identification document. Then, you need to provide a bank account that accepts international transactions, since payments are made in dollars.

Among the most frequently available content are exclusive photos and videos. However, the most sought-after option is, in fact, the possibility of talking directly with the creator, which usually occurs in better known profiles.

It is important to keep in mind that the money received will not be deposited in your account in full. That’s because OnlyFans retains 20% of monthly earnings for operating costs, passing on the remaining 80% to the profile owner. In addition, the value is available 7 days after payment of the subscription in your profile or service.


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