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Google Meet extends free unlimited calling until June 2021

The extension applies to all users with Gmail accounts. Google also announced the launch of Stack, its experimental application for organizing documents like invoices.

Google has extended until June 2021 the possibility of making unlimited calls in the free version of Meet for all users with Gmail accounts.

Google has confirmed that Meet unlimited calls (actually, up to 24 hours) will continue to be available in the free version, as the company has reported through its official Twitter profile.

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This week the launch of Stack was known, an application that emerged from Area 120 (Google’s project incubator), whose mission is to help users organize documents such as receipts or invoices and prevent them from accumulating without order or losing them.

This experimental Android app uses machine learning from the Document AI tool, initially intended for businesses to analyze millions of documents. At the moment, it is available in the United States.

As Christopher Pedregal, one of those responsible for Stack, explains, the application scans a document after taking a photo with the mobile camera, names it and even suggests a category where to save it.

Stack also uses its algorithm to locate information in a document, and it can make backup copies in the Google Drive cloud, as detailed in the Google blog. Documents are screened with login technology, and the user can introduce an additional layer of biometric authentication.


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