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Justice accepts complaint and makes defendant hacker accused of hacking Federal Senate systems

Marcos Roberto Correia da Silva, known as Vandathegod, was arrested during Operation Deepwater. He is responsible for invasion of a computer device and disclosure of secrecy; defense says it will file a request to reject the complaints.

The Federal Court in Brasilia accepted the complaint from the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and accused the hacker Marcos Roberto Correia da Silva, known as VandaTheGod. He is accused of breaking into the systems of the Federal Senate and was arrested by the Federal Police on Friday (19).

The arrest took place during Operation Deepwater, which investigates what is considered the largest data leak ever recorded in the country.

Marcos’ lawyer, Augusto Cesar Mendes Ara├║jo, said that he had access to the document and that he will file a request for the rejection of the accusations and “removal of illicit evidence collected during the investigation”. According to him, “the evidence acquired defies legality”.

The attack occurred in August last year, after obtaining data and access to e-mail from a former public servant. According to the MPF, when accessing the internal systems of the legislature, the hacker made a video “exposing the fragile security of the network”. The recording was also published on the internet.

The decision of the federal judge of the 10th Federal Court, Frederico Botelho, was published last Tuesday (23).

According to the magistrate, “the facts imputed to the accused are described clearly and objectively” and “the plausibility of the allegations contained in the complaint is demonstrated, which sets out in detail all the allegedly criminal facts”.

Marcos Roberto Correia da Silva will be responsible for the crimes of invasion of computer devices and disclosure of secrecy.

Assumed the attack

According to the complaint, Marcos Roberto Correia da Silva confessed to the authorship of the attacks during interrogation. According to the MPF, the hacker “described the modus operandi” and, also, that the improper access of the Federal Senate network occurred through a friend’s computer and internet account.

According to the Public Ministry, the hacker “consciously and voluntarily” invaded the Federal Senate’s intranet system on August 28 last year using the access email linked to a former server, without his consent.

After the invasion, through the profile created by him, the hacker disseminated the data obtained on social networks.

Also according to the complaint, in November 2020, the hacker also published on social media excerpts from the open police investigation to investigate the invasion.

“Stresses that the documents related to the aforementioned IPL (police inquiry) are of restricted access to parts of the investigation and to authorized officials of the legislative body, given the fact that it contains sensitive information and that it could not be exposed without just cause,” the Public Ministry.


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