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Much more than excellent quality milk

Malen Sarasua, head of Esneki Zentroa promoted by the Leartiker Technology Center, details the importance of the creation of the first dairy center in the Basque Country.

Malen Sarasua opens the doors of the First Dairy Center in Euskadi. The center that Leartiker will direct was born to be a benchmark in the dairy sector, promoting collaboration between agents in the sector.

The Leartiker Technology Center (Markina-Xemein), in collaboration with the HAZI Foundation and the Basque Government, is launching the first Dairy Center in the Basque Country. Motivated by the needs and shortcomings of the dairy sector, with the aim of promoting this sector in the Basque Autonomous Community, Leartiker will offer through this Dairy Center advanced technical advice, specialized training, development of innovation projects and other services, based on the food safety.

It will be a reference center for producers in the dairy sector, who will have the guarantee of receiving an advanced, personalized and efficient service, and will be based on permanent collaboration with other agents in the sector.


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