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When we talk about influencers, we refer to people with a lot of charisma, who have a persuasive voice, authenticity, and many followers in all their social networks. Some are capable of collecting millions of followers on the Instagram social network, of which thousands interact with them throughout the day. They are, therefore, opinion leaders who have great credibility on social media.

This turns influencers into a window to the world that makes a brand’s product known to all its followers. With a simple criticism or opinion, or simply by using the product, its sales can skyrocket and, in addition, generate popular acceptance of the brand.

Brands, therefore, can take advantage of the reef of these social influences to gain importance among users and feedback on their products. To be successful in this environment, brands must first develop an influencer marketing strategy.

Advantages of influencer marketing

A study published by Nielsen in 2015 stated that “more than eight out of 10 respondents worldwide (83%) say they fully or partially trust the recommendations of friends and family. But trust is not just limited to those in our inner circle. Two-thirds (66%) say they trust consumer opinions posted online. ”

There are many advantages that accompany this influencer marketing: at the branding and sales level, they provide visibility, credibility and a considerable increase in the sales of the services and products they recommend.

Brands, on the other hand, can reach a target that is committed and has a relationship of trust with the influencer. Because of this, influencer campaigns can be more effective and help brand reputation and status.

Additionally, influencer campaigns can increase conversion and help us drive qualitative traffic to our platform. It is important to be aware that the importance of influencer marketing is not always in quantity but in creating a qualitative connection with your audience.

How to define your influencer marketing campaigns?

To correctly define an influencer marketing campaign, follow these steps:

First, we will identify the most relevant influencers for your product / service and we will focus on those who are most aligned with our company values.
We will define what type of collaboration we want to establish and how we are going to contact them, that is, if we will contact them directly or through an agency and, above all, from the outset, we must be clear about the actions we want the influencer to carry out. For this, a strategy must be carried out since it would not have to be only a specific action to obtain results, but a long-term collaboration that allows establishing a relationship between brand and influencer.
Finally, it is imperative to define KPIs (the performance indicators of a process, in this case of the campaign with the influencer) to track the results of the actions carried out correctly. For this, I recommend ...
    Use Google Analytics for the number of clicks on the URL.
    Measure the reach and impacts of the hashtag used for the campaign with pages such as Pirendo or Follow the hashtag. And measure the times it has been shared, the comments, the mentions of all social networks ...
    Number of conversions, that is, purchases and registrations.
    Number of authority links such as communication media.

How to find the right influencer for your campaign?

As I have been commenting, any influencer that has a large audience is not the ideal one for your campaign. You have to know how to define it well to achieve the expected results and not invest the money in an audience that is not part of your target audience. To do this, to find the right influencer, the following indications should be followed.

First of all, before contacting a potential influencer for our campaign we must consider:

Relevance: the quality of the content you publish and its relevance with respect to other influencers in the target we want to impact.
Reach the number of users we could impact and who would add value to our campaign.
Resonance: it is not only necessary to impact but to be able to generate engagement with the influencer's users in a relevant way for our brand.

This point is essential since the mistake of choosing an influencer is often made simply because of the number of followers they have, but if very few of those followers are from your target audience, you will be wasting money destined to reach people who do not is your buyer persona. That is why the study of the audience is so important: there are times when

It is more advisable to have a handful of micro-influencers who have fewer followers but who are more focused on our objective.

Finally, once you have contacted the influencer, to generate a relationship with him you need to:

Establish a relationship with the influencer little by little, who is familiar with our brand. You must interact with him and follow all his posts.
Create value for both: you must collaborate with beneficial actions for both parties and try to create a long-term relationship that is relevant for both parties.
Define the look, feel & the tone of the collaborations so that they are aligned with our brand.
Measure the results: the value of the actions must be quantified, and possible points of improvement for future collaborations must be analyzed.

Thinking of running an influencer marketing campaign? Has this article helped you to generate an influencer marketing strategy? Feel free to tell me in the comments.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a very popular marketing strategy that seeks to achieve effective links between brands and their customers with promoneum. It is a way to get real connections and increase brand engagement. In addition, if a company associates itself with a person who fits with its values, it will achieve more visibility and brand credibility.

It is a strategy that supports influential people in their sector who can transmit messages credibly. However, it is important to choose the influencer well and properly analyze their profile to see if they convey the company’s philosophy. If not, it can create a reputational crisis.

On the one hand, if the campaigns with influencers are properly developed, it is possible to achieve more visibility on social networks and achieve more engagement and greater impact and conversions. In addition, there are different types of influencers, and each one is focused on a specific area. different, for example, travel, fashion, lifestyle, gastronomy, sport … And depending on the needs of each company, it is appropriate to bet on one or the other.

On the other hand, it is vitally important that the company pays attention to the number of followers and interactions before working with it. It is also advisable to study the profile in-depth and see if it fits the brand’s needs. Another important aspect is to verify that the followers are real and that the influencer is not using any fake application.

In addition, it is necessary that every company is informed about current legislation and how current regulations regarding influencer marketing are regulated.

Who are the influencers and profile classes

As mentioned above, an influencer is a person who has a certain protagonist in a sector or field. This is also the case of celebrities since, in most cases, the profiles that have a greater number of followers are public figures. Many of them are known for being on television or being linked to the world of art, sports, or cinema, among others.

There are different kinds of influencers: macro and micro. Micro-influencers are becoming more and more fashionable, and the results obtained by working with them are very positive. They have less than 50,000 followers but a huge impact on their target audience. Their followers share virtually all the messages they broadcast since their engagement is very high.

Nowadays, many companies with few resources are choosing to collaborate with micro influencers, since people with more than 50,000 followers tend to demand very high fees and are not available to any small or medium company.

In marketing, quality matters much more than quantity, and, above all, it is essential not to carry out disguised advertising but to bet on transmitting transparent and real messages. It is also important that all companies indicate when an advertising action is taking place. This can be indicated by a hashtag that says “ad” or a message that says “collaboration with the company in question.”
Advantages of betting on micro influencers

Here are some of the benefits of working with people with more specific follower communities.

These are people with a great capacity for influence in a very specific topic or area.
They are fluent in the language and have great communication skills.
They know how to reach their followers and what kinds of messages fit into their posts.
They have a very loyal community that trusts what they say in each Instagram Stories or post in the feed.

With micro-influencers, very relevant actions can be carried out, which can have a great economic impact on the company. You can send a product in exchange for a specific number of publications or stories or carry out a communication campaign to publicize a new product or service.

The most important thing is that every company is clear about its objectives and what type of strategy is the most appropriate in the situation in which it finds itself. It is necessary to analyze the environment, the needs of the clients, and the competition and, from here, define a solid and coherent strategy.

You can also carry out events, sponsored publications, product reviews or reviews, among other actions. It is a matter of meeting the influencer and seeing what best suits his person and his community.
How to contact influencers

Micro-influencers are usually contacted directly through Instagram or the social network they have. You can also send them an email to their personal mail. However, influencers who accumulate many followers on their social networks, often count


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