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Social Media Promotions

Marketing in social networks or social media marketing is one of the most popular online marketing services. Promotion in social networks is a type of Internet marketing that tries to achieve the communication and marketing objectives of the brand through participation in various social media networks

We manage advertising, promotion and communication campaigns in social media such as blogs, discussion forums, social news aggregators, social bookmarks and social networks.
Strategies and objectives

We establish the campaigns based on the objectives pursued. They can be aimed at attracting users to try or register for your services, sell them products, or simply establish a friendly communication link.
Tools and Social Networks

To carry out the promotion on social networks and design your campaign after evaluating your objectives and target, we can use the following tools among others

Create an application for Facebook
Design, development, and maintenance of a Blog or a minisite
Create a Facebook or Tuenti page. Creation and administration of other profiles on Myspace, Beboeventos, etc.
Creation of profile on Twitter and dynamization (followers, promotional actions, cross-branding, etc.)
The communication office generates press releases, news, and the first milestones to achieve relevance in the social news aggregators Digg, Meneame, etc.
Making one or more videos to create a channel on YouTube
Creation of viral messages. Designing a viral hue, a promise to get something for free, a reward, etc.
Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Adwords, Myspace, Tuenti

Every good social media manager knows that having a good strategy means at least half the battle. A good digital marketing plan, distributing our forces and budget, and organizing communication will make us go much further than improvise. Therefore, to help you achieve your marketing goals

5 effective promotion strategies on social networks.

1) use social listening

The secret to all good communication is stopping to listen before speaking, and social media promotion is no exception. If you want to know what your potential customers need from you, you have to listen to what they say!

Social listening allows you to get valuable insights through the analysis of social media posts. So before designing your promotion plan on social networks, we recommend that you stop carrying out a market study through social listening and put into practice what you have learned in your strategies.

2) Create consistent branding

A common mistake companies make when communicating on social networks is not considering them as part of the “whole” that is the brand. But the fact is that our presence in networks is one more window to the world, such as a website or a physical store.

When planning a social media presence, it is essential to remember that it must fully fit with the branding. For this, it is necessary to take care of both the design and the communication. Although the tone of your Facebook posts may be more informal than your privacy policy, it has to be consistent with the brand’s values ​​and spirit.

3) Look for engagement, not self-promotion

The secret of promoting on social networks is precisely to avoid excessive promotion. Users seek to follow brands that provide them with curious, interesting, or useful content, not to read the virtues of a product over and over again.

The best strategies in social networks are those that enhance engagement and virality by creating content that users are willing to share. Talk to them about the things that interest them the most and put the self-talk aside.

4) Plan your content

A good content plan is almost a work of art. It would help if you combined current and interesting topics related to your brand, find a good balance between formats and themes, publish within the hours and days with the best chance of attracting users’ attention … all without losing sight of your global objectives company. When it comes to social media promotion, plan and win!

5) Take care of measurement and reporting

And last but not least, never forget to include digital analytics in your social media strategies. One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is that we can know everything happening in real-time, so do not miss this opportunity to adapt your actions to the results and take advantage of it until the last budget scam.

To successfully measure your promotional efforts on social networks, it is highly advisable to use an automated reporting tool that saves you time and effort. Remember also to set up regular checks and reporting meetings with senior management to ensure that you are always growing in the right direction.

Tips before launching promoting posts on social networks

Before dedicating time to specific aspects of your promotions on social networks, a few previous steps are necessary.

Frame your promotions on designated dates. They can be holidays or simply periods in which you make a sale of stock or a new season.
Define what your goals are. You still prefer to energize the community, increase sales, or expand your database. The options can be many, but you must fix them and choose a mechanic to achieve them.
Plan the resources you will need to start your promotions on social networks, for example:
    The creatives you need.
    The landing of your advertising.
    The promotion budget.
    The approval of the budget by the client (with time).
    The launch, end, and publication dates of the winners or the winner.
Define which audience you are going to target and which phase of the conversion funnel you are going to work with.

Plan and have everything well tied up so that the day you launch your promotion on social networks you will not have problems.
Different goals, different promotions on social media

In Cool Tabs you will find many types of promotions. Our advice is that you choose the campaign based on your objectives.

If your goal is to increase your community, bet on simple giveaways. For example: comment on a photo, RT or mention a friend in a post.

But if you prefer to energize your community and bet on collaborative content (UGC), choose a photo, video, or story contest. This way, users will help create the brand story. If you intend to use that content in the future, do not forget to include it on a legal basis.

If you want to bet on the virality of your promotions on social networks, choose the contest with ranking. On this occasion, the participants will broadcast the contest to get points. With this mechanic, you will reward the most active users in the general classification as the best rated.

Make the most of your promotions on social networks

For your campaign to be a success, and in the future we will include it in a post as a success story, pay attention to these questions:

Originality. It will be useless to copy promotions on social networks of other brands or prepare a campaign that users have seen a thousand times.
Access from multiple devices. To obtain reasonable participation rates, it is best if users can access easily from different devices. And don't forget that your campaign must be displayed correctly on any screen.
Social Login. This means that users can participate by logging in from any social network. Advantage? Even if you include a data form when accessing a social network, the data registered there will be added to the paper so that the user can modify them.
Call to Action. It includes powerful calls to action and piques the curiosity of users. Do not forget to take care of the creativities, copies, and landing that you launch in detail. Work on the visual aspect; the results can largely depend on it.
Spread your campaign. Publish your promotion in the different profiles that you manage and make periodic reminders.
To increase visibility, you can also include a content widget or send it in the newsletter.
Stay in touch with your community. Answer all your questions about the contest, interact with your comments and entries. Why? Because they will answer you with the same coin
Do not forget that social networks are social, and it will be very beneficial for your brand to be in contact with your clients and potential clients.


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