Blackview P10000 Pro Review

Blackview P10000 Pro Review

I bring you the review of a Smartphone whose main attraction is its 11000 mAh battery. As you will see below, it is a smartphone with large dimensions, mainly due to its large battery.

The smartphone comes in a white cardboard box with the manufacturer’s name on the front and on two sides. At the bottom are two stickers; on one are some of the main characteristics and the certificates of the European Union. On the other, there are the IMEI numbers of the terminal and, again, the certificate of conformity of the European Union. Inside, at the top, is the Blackview P10000 Pro and below, in four compartments, are all the accessories it incorporates. There is a black plastic case, a screen protector, the quick start guide, an iPhone-style headset, a USB type C to micro USB adapter, the pin to access the SIM slot, a USB type C cable OTG to be able to connect a USB peripheral to the smartphone, a USB type C to 3.5mm audio jack adapter, a USB to USB type C cable and the European version 5V to the 5A power charger.

In this aspect, it has a large number of accessories that indeed some of them we are not going to use, although it is helpful to have them if by chance we ever want to use them. This way, we will not have to buy it in online stores. However, I did not like that they had removed the 3.5 mm Jack audio socket, and we had to use an adapter to listen to music.

Design and Screen

This Blackview P10000 Pro has a design that draws a lot of attention. Its dimensions are 77 mm long x 165.0 mm high, 14.7 mm thick, and its weight is 293 grams. I think it is enormous and heavy, and I find it not ergonomic. I’m not one to make too many calls, but when I’ve been talking on his behalf, my hand has gotten tired of having it raised while holding the phone.

Blackview sells the smartphone with various finishes, such as the glass model (gray or silver) and another model with gray leather, which gives it a more premium finish. In this case, I am analyzing the glass version. The sidebands are metal. They have a compact body (unibody), so you will not be able to access the battery.

It has a 6-inch IPS LCD screen manufactured by Sharp with a Full HD + resolution of 1080×2160 pixels. It has a screen ratio of 18:9 and a density of pixels per inch 402. I think it is a perfect screen; I am not used to finding this type of screen in smartphones within this price range. The colors are vivid and bright, and it has a more than adequate luminosity to use without problems on sunny days.

On the front of the terminal, we have the call speaker. On the right are the two selfie cameras. And on the left are the proximity sensor, a small LED flash, and a notification LED.

In the rear central area is the dual camera, and just below the double LED flash, Blackview has decided to cover the entire back with elegant glass.

On the right are the typical volume up and down buttons and the lock button, all in metal. Just below is the fingerprint reader, which seemed fast to me. At first, if we are not used to it, it can be uncomfortable, and we may need several attempts to unlock the terminal. However, to speed up this small process, you can configure several fingerprints of the same finger in different positions to avoid placing the finger in the correct position. The slot to access the tray for nano SIMs and microSD cards is on the other side. At the bottom is the centered USB type C plug, and the speaker and microphone are on the sides.


This smartphone has Android 7.1 Nougat under a layer of customization, which is quite ugly. It has an application drawer, allowing you to have only the applications you use the most on the main screens, and the rest can be in the menu.

The operating system has almost all languages

Regarding the issue of updates, it seems strange to think that they update to Android 8.0 Oreo; however, as it appears on the manufacturer’s website, they have promised to correct it. I received a bug fix and security update when I had it.

This Blackview P10000 Pro comes with Google services and apps pre-installed. A few are Play Store, Play Movies, Chrome, DUO, Maps, Drive, Youtube, Photos, etc. The manufacturer has also included some of its own such as contacts, compass, gallery, recorder, etc.

It has facial recognition implemented by software, which I do not recommend using as it does not provide the security it should. By this, I mean that it is unlocked using photographs of the person in question.

I don’t know if other users like this kind of customization layer, but I think it would be much better if the manufacturer had decided to implement “Android One” with regular updates.


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