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We develop online web applications for companies. Convenient to use and deployable at any location.
Scalable solutions to improve internal and external business processes.
Online Solutions

We build various web applications based on your wishes. Such as transforming paper business processes into handy online software. Think of powerful online business applications. Think of a SAAS platform, Sales platform, Dashboard, CRM system and E-learning platform. Our customers are companies and the applications are used both internally and externally.

The simple POS system. With Tajriba Kassa, a connection is made with the PrestaShop webshop environment. The webshop stocks and customers become available in the Point of Sale system. Our online checkout application works quickly and is used daily by retailers.

With a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, it doesn’t matter which device you have. With the Dutch online quiz, you can quiz everywhere! The application is part of our pilots and a quiz web application. The ease with which you can start and share a quiz. No need to download an app and create detailed accounts with private data. Only the quizmaster buys a ticket. This means, for example, that your friends do not have to provide private information. Privacy has been an important issue in development.
Delivered platform

We have set up a custom web application as a platform for Cyberg Reviews is a sharing economy platform. Both tenants and landlords can go here. Design and technology perfectly combined with the latest web application techniques.
Have a web application made

Progressive Web App

A PWA is an application stored on a remote server and accessible via a browser. Compared to traditional web applications, it is an app that works within a browser like a normal application on your smartphone, including the following features:

– For the users, the progressive web apps are faster than native apps because they do not have to be downloaded immediately.
– The apps are independent of connection: they can be used offline and online.
– The entire website or application behaves like an app.
– It is possible to send push notifications.

Concrete inspirations can be found at Google, the creator of the concept. Such as YouTube, but also Twitter and the Chinese retail giant Alibaba offer PWAs.

Tajriba likes to focus on PWAs. Many companies still use a traditional webshop, but more and more customers use a smartphone and tablet. Then a PWA webshop is a huge conversion booster.
PWA for webshops

Dashboards and portals

Dashboards and portals tailor-made with functions and useful tools for your company in 1 central environment. We take care of the design and technical development for a web application. Business data and applications from various sources are automatically loaded into the dashboard.

Tajriba Dashboard, the web application is an online dashboard for SMEs and ensures that everyone can work quickly and clearly and can be involved in the business results.
Our method

Preliminary investigation

Together, we go through the wishes and assignment. Listening and researching what the users of the web application will use and expect. Less is more. We like to focus on the long term and are also involved after delivery.


Collect inspiration and ideas. Research and look at the possibilities. Getting inspired often provides useful information. Of course, many web applications are customised, but the preliminary phase and thereby deepening into existing applications is necessary.


Various sketches or wireframes are made. So that a quick layout of the application is created. Prototypes are tested with real users before technical development starts.

Graphic Designs

The wireframes are translated into a graphical interface in the house style colors and with accompanying illustrations. There are feedback moments in order to achieve the desired result together.

Technical Development

Our team of developers starts with the approved graphic designs because they will convert them into a working application. This is handled via the SCRUM method. With this project approach, the team ensures that the basis of an application is developed quickly in a relatively short time.

Testing and delivery

The testing of the web application software starts internally, and we also have it done externally. Once the tests are completed and the collected feedback has been processed, the go-live will start at a pre-agreed time.

The existence of care or therapeutic relationship with the person with a care need does not automatically mean permission to share BelRAI data with care providers from an external organization. The electronic sharing of health data (including BelRAI assessments) with care providers from another organization requires informed consent (or informed consent) from the person with a care need.
When a person with a care need agrees to the principle of secure sharing of health data, they can register the consent:

In addition, employees who have access to health data are bound by professional secrecy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). They must therefore respect the confidential and sensitive nature of the data.

If you as an organization choose to link or integrate the Federal or Flemish web application with your software, you must respect the Circle of Trust (COT) conditions. The eHealth platform elaborated these conditions. Most conditions are also necessary under GDPR.

The Circle of Trust determines that organizations themselves are responsible for the identification and authentication of the employees, the verification of the working relationship with the employee, and the verification of the care relationship between the employee and the person with a care need. In concrete terms, this means that organizations themselves are responsible for the access management of employees and must, for example, grant or revoke rights for new or departing employees. Organizations themselves keep track of (‘logging’) which employees have access to the person’s data with a care need, when and for what purposes.

If an organization uses the Flemish web application*, without linking or integration with its software, the government is responsible for the identification and authentication, the verification of the care relationship between the care provider and the person with a care need and the ‘logging’ of whom what consulted. This is because the healthcare provision registers the employees and the healthcare relations via the applications made available by the government.


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