My SmartBand 6 Review

My SmartBand 6 Review

The new Xiaomi smart bracelet arrives in the Spanish market, the Mi Smart Band 6, the benchmark with more competition than ever.

It begins to be an unavoidable appointment every year, the arrival of a new version of Xiaomi’s smart bracelet. A benchmark and one of the brand’s most popular devices, will its sixth generation be up to the task?

A design with subtle differences

The design of Xiaomi smart bracelets is a hallmark; since its first generation, it has been improving and polished until its sixth generation. Something that has its pros and cons.
My SmartBand 6

At first, we might think we are facing a Mi Band 5. However, we begin to glimpse the differences when we start looking here and there. Subtle, but they are there.

First of all, the size of its screen is 1.56 inches. And in the thickness of the body of the bracelet is a few millimeters higher than its predecessor. Something that translates into 12.8 grams of weight on our wrist.

We will not find any button; being the protagonist, it’s an AMOLED screen with tempered glass and anti-fingerprint protection. The latter is appreciated in a device of this style.

Considering all of the above, wearing the new Mi Smart Band 6 is very comfortable. Something to which its strap contributes, available in various colors, which is very pleasant on a day-to-day basis without being premium.

A screen that keeps evolving

The new Mi Smart Band 6’s absolute protagonist is its 1.56-inch AMOLED screen. It has a resolution of 486 x 152 pixels, which allows us to enjoy more than enough sharpness considering its size.

When interacting with the screen, the touch is smooth, and its response is always precise. The brightness is correct in almost any light situation, although the option of having automatic brightness is missing.

On a day-to-day basis, we have not found any problem when viewing the information provided by the device—being able to read without difficulties the texts and data that it shows us on the screen clearly.
Now with oximeter

We come to the importance of a smart bracelet, the available sensors, and the information it can offer us thanks them. Few changes compared to its predecessor, except for incorporating the SpO2 sensor.

This means that the possibilities offered by the new Mi Smart Band 6 are expanded. I now have a monitored heart rate, sleep, stress, and blood oxygen saturation.

Although the latter will only be done automatically at night when we sleep, to know this information, having to run it manually the rest of the day is a somewhat strange decision.

Along with the deployment of health monitoring, which is complemented by aspects such as monitoring women’s health or relaxation exercises, we have 30 sports modes. Six of them are automatically recognized.

The sensors’ accuracy is impressive, considering the device’s price. There are a few differences with more professional machines, which is always appreciated in a quantifying bracelet.
solvent autonomy

Xiaomi announces that the new Mi Smart Band 6 has an autonomy of 15 days of regular use and five days of intensive use.
My SmartBand 6

Some figures are not too far from reality, according to our tests during the time of the device analysis. It always depends on how we adjust the monitoring and its use.

The charging system is maintained compared to the previous generation. A magnetic connector allows us to charge it without removing it from the strap. A simple and effective solution. That will enable us to have a full charge in less than 2 hours.

Xiaomi Wear is the perfect complement

The main element of the experience is the Mi Smart Band 6 itself, although, as you know… hardware without software behind it is of little use. And in the case of our protagonist, she comes well dressed.
Xiaomi Wear

The Xiaomi Wear application, which we must install to configure the bracelet, is an excellent complement. Not only because of the wide range of information it provides but also because of the customization options included.

In the settings of the new Mi Smart Band 6, we find options to customize the main screen, but through the application, we can download new pan sizes to give it our personal touch.

We have three main sections, status, training, and profile. First, we will find all the information collected by the bracelet. In the second, the data on our activities.

In the third and last section, it is where we can make the updates to the bracelet, in addition to the adjustments to the additional functions that the bracelet has, because not everything is quantified in the new Mi Smart Band 6.


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