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WhatsApp 2? Play with app becomes trending topic in Brazil

This Monday (22), the launch of the possible “WhatsApp 2” pumped on Twitter. During the afternoon, the subject came to be in first place in the trendings topics in Brazil, with more than 29.6 thousand tweets on the social network.

The supposed new application is completely fake, but it ended up going viral because content producers talked about it. Youtuber Felipe Neto, for example, said that he would like the app to remove the tagging of people who are online, speed up voice messages and automatically detect “groaning”.

News we dream about Whatsapp 2:

  • To be able to remove the “online”;
  • 2x accelerator for voice msg;
  • Automatic whimper detector;
  • Every news shared comes with a warning of “CHECK HERE IF THIS IS TRUE”, in partnership with checking agencies.
  • Felipe Neto (@felipeneto) March 22, 2021
    Another famous person who helped to make fun of the joke was the actor Bruno Gagliasso, who tweeted asking about what the new software was and received a flood of responses with jokes about the subject.

My God? What is whatsapp 2?

  • Bruno Gagliasso – Father of 3 (@brunogagliasso) March 22, 2021
    A publication that was also very successful was that of “TV Maresol”, a fictional television station that has more than 130 thousand followers on Twitter and made a montage saying that “WhatsApp 2 is 12 days away”.

Jélysson, director of Whatsapp, announces that Whatsapp 2 will come with anti-travazap functions, an option to find out why her photo disappeared, send lies in an instant mode and detect whimper

  • TV Maresol / Metró (@TVMaresol) March 22, 2021
    The image shows that the fake app would have a “premium” look, exchanging green for shades of gold and black. Here are some of the best memes on the subject.

I couldn’t stand the wait for whatsapp 2

  • duds (@DudsMaluk) March 22, 2021
    whatsapp 2 will come with a toast in the beta, cigazap and corozap
  • ren | CHANGED PACK ?? (@arlertsconquer) March 22, 2021
    Whatsapp 2 is just the beginning for whatsappverso
  • Venturim ?? (@venturim_pedro) March 22, 2021
    so now q discovered whatsapp 2?
  • Anti Vitor (@oanticosmo) March 22, 2021
    on Whatsapp 2, I heard that all Emojis are going to be Animated.


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