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Health Tourism in Iran

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity. This is an ancient saying which definitely rings true about a country with ancient history in medical sciences: Iran.

During the past years Iran has become one of the major destinations for medical tourism. With a wide array of qualified doctors working in specialized hospitals and clinics and collaborating with renowned organizations like Careful Trip (, even more people are expected to choose Iran to receive first-class medical treatment.


What is Medical Tourism?

Medical or health tourism is an umbrella term for any travelling associated with health care. In other words, when an individual travels abroad with the chief purpose of receiving any kind of medical treatment, most especially various types of operations. All across the globe, health authorities, hand in hand with the tourism industry, are doing their best to cater the needs of foreign patients and clients.

Iran’s Health Tourism: Is Iran a safe choice?

UNICEF has valuated Iran’s healthcare system as first-rate. It is one of the countries that have made huge technological and scientific advances in the field of medicine. Therefore, the quality provided by health centers and hospitals is outstanding. This, combined with the fact that Iran’s currency has been under pressure during the past years and hospitalization and treatment are not as costly as other countries, have turned the country to an ideal location for medical services.

In a nutshell, high quality and cost-effective healthcare are two compelling reasons for the thriving of health tourism.

Medical Tourism Associations in Iran

At the time being, a choice of specialists and experts have teamed up with private and public clinics and hospitals. For this reason, there are numerous prestigious healthcare providers for medical tourists that offer treatments and beyond. One success story is undoubtedly Careful Trip. They not only arrange and provide all the stages of an effective treatment for travelers, but also offer other facilities and services for well-being, transportation, and comfort of the patients and their companions.

This professional team includes proficient specialists and doctors who value the patients’ health and well-being above anything else. Following the modern standard methods and making the most of front-line medical technology, they offer a wide range of procedures from infertility treatment to different types of plastic surgery.

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Health Care Provided in Iran

Cosmetic and plastic surgery and different kinds of appearance enhancement are among the most in demand treatment services. These include surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Therefore, those who seek to have rhinoplasty or plastic surgeries such as lifting and reshaping are usually suggested to pursue the matter in Iranian health care systems.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery in Iran:

Lip Augmentation, Rhinoplasty (nose job and nose surgery), Eye lift (eyelid lift: Blepharoplasty), chin and neck lifting and reshaping, jawline reshaping, and other types of enhancements that lead result in redefining or rejuvenation. When it comes to breast surgeries, lifting, implant, and reduction are listed among the commonplace and popular operations.

Other body reshaping procedures which have grabbed the attention of medical tourists are liposuction, belly and tummy surgery, thigh and butt lift and calf remodeling.

Medical Treatments in Iran

Nevertheless, that is not all. Although Iran is a leading country, and of course a trendsetter, in cosmetic surgery, other medical aid and services are also available in the country’s top hospitals. These include, but are not limited to:

Stem cell therapy:

a cutting-edge method which is drawn on to control or cure several types of diseases. This is usually practiced with the help of bone-marrow transplantation.

Infertility treatment:

those who aspire to become a parent will definitely find the optimal solution with the health care provided by Iranian medical experts. IVF, for instance, is a fertilization method which combines the egg and sperm in a laboratory (in vitro). Another process is ovulation induction which stimulates and increases the ovulation of the female parent.

Orthopedic surgery:

skeletal injuries, deformation and dislocations are treatable and correctable. With an extensive array of surgical and nonsurgical treatments, Iran’s health tourism has been able to help numerous patients to restore their active and normal lifestyle.

The list goes on. other areas such as eye operation (e.g., Lasik), all types of dental treatment, and varied health services also attract the interest of patients who seek professional medical treatment.

You can consult with Careful Trip specialists to find further information.

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Medical Costs in Iran

Political causes and also the United States’ sanctions against Iran’s government have had direct impacts on Iran’s currency. The value of Iran’s dollar has been on the decrease during the past decade. As a result, the very same operations and health care which could cost you an arm and a leg in other countries, are offered with affordable and reasonable prices in Iran.

Hair transplant in Iran is now a perfectly mastered treatment, successful and giving excellent results in the treatment of baldness. It allows restoring definitively in a minimum of sessions a dense and natural hair.


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