The most beautiful tourist destinations in Iran in autumn

Iran is a country of four seasons. In the warm autumn colors season, you can easily experience dream trips away from the hustle and bustle.

Shiraz, a unique destination for autumn travel

The beautiful city of Shiraz, due to its historical antiquity and many historical, cultural, and natural tourist attractions, is almost the most touristic city in our country and annually receives a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists. This city has the best places for traveling. You can use a car rental in Shiraz to visit all the best places in this city. The cloudy, temperate and slightly cool weather of Shiraz has given it a good mood in autumn and has turned this city into a beautiful and extraordinary city.

Isfahan, a memorable city for autumn travel

Due to the numerous historical monuments in this city, in 2006 this city was introduced as the cultural capital of the Islamic world, and many travelers from inside and outside the country travel to it every year. Isfahan is another beautiful place for traveling in autumn. Car rental Isfahan helps you to save your time and visit the best places that you like in this city.

Hengam Island and Hormuz in the fall

Another place that you should visit in the fall is Hormoz island. Hormoz Island is only 16 km away from Bandar Abbas and has good facilities for tourists, so if you have never seen Hormozgan province, choose autumn to watch the pure nature.

Nayband village of Tabas

Nayband village located in Tabas city is known as Masouleh Kavir due to its stepped houses. The groves, lush orchards, wheat and barley fields, and the mild climate of this village have made it a very suitable destination for domestic travel in autumn. So, you can use car rental Iran to visit places that you never heard about it.

Maranjab desert

Maranjab desert, which is located near Kashan city and north of Aran and Bidgol cities, is one of the best destinations for domestic travel in autumn. The desert climate of this desert in autumn, its unique tranquility, and its starry sky at night are some of the beauties that can be found in fewer places.

Meybod Yazd in autumn

This city still preserves its ancient texture and by visiting it, you can visit attractive mud houses and enjoy the suitable climate of this land in autumn.

Wetland ate

Kurdkhord wetland or Aghgol wetland is in Hamedan province near Malayer. Therefore, the Malayer Kurdish wetland is also famous. Kurds have been hosting a very pleasant pond that has been home to migratory birds for centuries. Aq Gol wetland is a beautiful dormant area in the protected area.

At least, for traveling to Iran, you should get a lot of information and after that get a ticket to travel to this beautiful country.


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