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Men created tools as their first handmade object. As a result of men settling through agriculture and animal husbandry, they focused on making products that were efficient and beautiful. As a result, small early villages are regarded as the birthplace of handicrafts.
What makes a Persian handicraft so unique and what determines its quality? What are some safe places to buy handicrafts, and what makes CyrusCrafts Handicraft Shop stand out among them? Stay put because we’re about to answer all of those questions…

Handicrafts also became more efficient as techniques advanced and civilizations developed. Crafts and artificial arts are among a country’s most important assets. In addition to their use as decorative items, these traditional products are also used for everyday purposes. But what makes Iranian Handicrafts so special? In terms of originality and significance, handicrafts are the most obvious and meaningful manifestation of Iran’s ancient history and civilization, as well as pure Iranian culture and art. Iran is universally recognized as one of the most important poles of art in the world.

Types of Eastern Handicrafts

Iranian handicrafts are mainly classified into 35 types, but now we’ll talk about 3 of the most popular types, Minakari, Turquoise Inlay, rug and Carpet.

Minakari (Enameling)

Enameling or Minakari art is a form of coloring decoration on metal and tile with the use of glaze. As far as enamel works are concerned, the patterns used are traditional ones depending on the artist’s preferences. Iranian minakari works are mostly made of copper and silver.

Turquoise Inlaying

It is a traditional art to create an inlay layer of little-cut turquoise stones on metal objects, which gives them a really higher value.

Persian rug and Carpet

Iranian culture and art are inextricably linked to the Persian carpet. It is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian dating back to the Ancient Persia (c.500 BC). They are unlike every other carpet. CyrusCrafts’ Rugs collection consists of a wide variety of carpets of the best quality.

Also an area rug can be an excellent solution for decorating your room if you like the softness and beauty of carpets and rugs but don’t want to cover the entire floor. Area rugs differ from other rugs only in their dimensions and they are usually used for modern and contemporary decor.

Wooden home accessories

The art of carving or engraving on wood is another unique and exciting Iranian handcraft. Through the use of special tools and their artistic taste and creativity, an experienced and skilled artist creates beautiful patterns on wood.

It is important to choose the type of wood that will be used based on the design to be carved on the wood. Walnut trees, boxwood, and pear trees are typically used for carving since they are strong and durable. It is impossible to carve wood that does not have a hard texture. In addition to its compact nature, the wood’s texture is uniform.

Termeh tablecloths

Termeh tablecloths were traditionally woven by hand from silk, but many are now made by special machines. There are a variety of patterns and color palettes available for termeh. The color azure is often used in Iranian and Kashmiri Termeh to harmonize with sky blue and navy blue. A constant characteristic of Termeh tablecloths is their beautiful color harmony.

What makes Iranian rug and Handicrafts Special?

Due to the fact that each product is unique, Iranian handicrafts are extremely valuable. Handicraft products generally are not just beautiful, but have multiple uses as well, contrary to popular belief. Handicrafts play a key role in preserving and publishing this precious and lasting national heritage. Moreover, the association is committed to supporting master craftsmen and artisans who have helped keep the light on.

Why is CyrusCrafts the most reliable online store for home accessories?

Utilizing the features of the online space, this store has been able to satisfy its customers by offering authentic Iranian rug and carpets and identifying abandoned and forgotten shapes of handicrafts. In addition to the supply of handmade products. You may think that buying carpets and home accessories in person is both more pleasant and easier. Because you can see the material, shape and texture closely.

It is very important to consider this point that in this way your choices are limited and also all the people around you have access to them and they are not unique and special any more. Beside it is notable about online stores to introducing products and photographing them perfectly. There for CyrusCrafts offers media content so you can evaluate, compare, and review every single item they offer. Furthermore, what makes it even more interesting is that they offer worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are in the world, you only need to fill up your cart and wait for your order to be received.

Variety of handmade home accessory products

This store offers handicrafts from a wide range of categories, including a variety of traditional dishes, furniture, traditional and modern carpets, clothing, bags, shoes, various types of pottery and earthenware, ornaments, and other products.

Offering a wide variety of promotional or occasional gifts is an attractive feature of this shop, whether you’re looking for a mother’s day gift or a corporate gift. Customers can choose their desired products from among the specified price ranges in the gift section; therefore, users seeking affordable handicrafts need not worry about price. Providing full descriptions and product specifications is another advantage of this store.

We examined the types of Iranian handicrafts, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as one of the best sites for buying handicrafts and souvenirs. As for what type of handicraft you select, that depends on your taste, your needs, and the type of decoration of your house. What’s most important is that your purchase will play a major role in supporting culture.


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