how to burn belly fat

how to burn belly fat ?

Burning belly fat: differences between men and women

There are several differences between men and women when it comes to belly fat.

What is too much belly fat?

To determine if you have too much belly fat and need to reduce it, measure your waist circumference. The following applies:

Men: too much belly fat if the waist circumference is 94 centimetres or more
Women: too much belly fat if the waist circumference is 80 centimetres or more

Where do you store belly fat?

If a man stores fat, he does this mainly on the abdomen, while in women, this is on the waist, hips and thighs.

For whom is losing belly fat more difficult?

Losing belly fat is more difficult for women because the female body stores fatter for fertility purposes.

This evolved evolutionarily to have enough energy for the fetus during the gestational period.

Lose weight belly: how do you get a flat and tight stomach?

Getting a flat and toned stomach works the same way for men and women, only it is more difficult for the woman to make the muscles visible.

While you can’t necessarily choose where your body loses fat, you can select where you want to look more toned and defined. By strengthening the underlying muscle of a problem area with new muscle mass (e.g. glutes, arms or abs), you can see beneficial results faster.

Let me explain to you precisely what I mean. Doing many abs will help you build more muscular abs, but you won’t see muscle definition in that area unless you get a body fat percentage lower. Your abs are still hidden under a layer of fat.

Fortunately, that is not a problem because almost all women do not necessarily want to look muscular or toned. They want a flat stomach without too much fat.

From what fat percentage do you have a flat stomach?

Here is the rough rule:

Men: a fat percentage of approximately 13 to 16%
Women: a fat rate of roughly 19 to 22%

From what percentage of fat, so your abs become visible?

Here is the rough rule:

Men: a fat percentage of approximately 12% or less
Women: a fat rate of about 18% or less

Good to know

Burning belly fat is not a matter of “just eating less.” If the solution had been that simple, everyone would have done it.

Because belly fat disrupts your entire system, it’s not passive fat sitting on your body; it’s an active organ (in the sense that it produces its hormones).

By having excess belly fat, your entire system can be disrupted.

In addition, belly fat also secretes substances that make you feel gloomy. This makes healthy/less eating more difficult because you often use food to boost your negative mood.
Burning belly fat: 7 practical tips

The internet is full of tips, exercises and information. But what makes you burn belly fat.

Here are the seven things you can do to start burning excess belly fat.

Eat More Fiber

If you want to burn belly fat, you must eat more dietary fibre. Dietary fibre makes you feel fuller faster and so that you automatically eat smaller portions.

Dietary fibre also ensures that your intestines work better. If your intestines work better, you get more nutrients from your food, and you, therefore, need fewer calories in total.

So you eat less while getting more nutrients—an enjoyable way to reduce excess belly fat.

You can find a lot of dietary fibre in nuts, seeds, seeds, vegetables and fruit.

Eat more protein

In addition to fibre, protein is also an essential nutrient that helps you lose belly fat.

In your stomach and intestines, it takes quite a while before proteins are broken down. As a result, your stomach releases more minor of the hormone ghrelin.

Ghrelin is also known as the hunger hormone. The more ghrelin your body produces, the more hungry you are.

So by eating protein, you are more diminutive (often) hungry. You feel full for longer. As a result, you also get fewer calories without having to make any effort.

In kernels, you will find many healthy proteins in meat, fish, egg, chicken, soy, and nuts and seeds.

Do strength training

Strength training is a perfect way to burn extra belly fat for people who like to exercise.

The effort you make during the training ensures that you burn extra calories, but that is not the only advantage (unlike cardio).

Strength training also ensures that the hormone balance in your body is restored. And with a good hormone balance, it is much easier to burn belly fat.

The extra muscles you build during strength training will also help you get a higher resting metabolism. This way, you burn more calories without having to do anything about it.
You can also burn belly fat without doing sports or strength training, but if you like it, it will help you!

Eat natural and unprocessed

Natural and unprocessed food is perhaps the most important tip from this entire list. Many of the products we eat come from the factory.

These products often contain many flavourings such as sugar and salt and few nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Especially if you want to burn your belly fat, it is essential to eat natural and unprocessed. Sugars and other flavourings make it easy to overeat, and your hormones get out of balance…


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